Melodies from Cyberspace:


Practicing With MIDI Accompaniments Downloaded From the Internet




Dr. Fred Kersten



Objective:  To illustrate how MIDI accompaniments may be developed, placed upon the Internet, and accessed to provide harmonic background for practice and performance. MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a code developed and agreed upon by manufacturers that provides a means for music equipment, computers, and software to exchange information, and control signals.


Method:  Telemann Sonatas and other compositions were sequenced utilizing Studio Vision Pro 4 sequencing software, placed on the Net in Standard MIDI format, and accessed at the Graduate Exhibition via computer. The accompaniments will be downloaded in ““real-time,”” converted to audio output, and the researcher will illustrate their usage by performing solo parts on the recorder to internet-accessed computer-file backgrounds.


Results:  Musical accompaniments, developed utilizing MIDI files were effectively uploaded, transmitted, and can be downloaded to any location in the world. Because of their small size they provide an excellent resource for practice and performance utilizing the computer sound card as a practice medium.


Significance to the Field and Society in General:   Musicians may code their musical compositions and disseminate their music to colleagues, and those in society who wish to practice and perform without having to obtain musicians to play needed harmonic background. Musical scores may also be downloaded and printed out, should sheet music not be available.


Equipment Requirements:  All sound files are available and require only a computer with a sound card to download.  My poster is also available in Powerpoint.  Please click, view and enjoy. 


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