PC Mixer and Mixer Settings

To locate the PC Mixer on your computer, double click the small speaker icon on the lower right toolbar.

  Check Options/Properties (make sure "Advanced" is checked)  to access the Recording mixer. Note that there are two radio buttons for the mixer: Recording, and Playback (Master Volume). 

Recording Mixer


Select Microphone Balance on the  Recording Mixer  when working with inputting the mike sound. 

 There is an Advanced check box under the Mic Balance. 

By checking this you can regulate the Mic  boost or adjust Treble/Bass tone controls for sound input. You will have to experiment as to level or  imbalance and clipping problems.

If you mute the Mic Balance on the Master Volume Mixer, you will not have a problem of possible feedback through your speaker or earphone.  


   You can conceptualize your efforts with a routing flow chart of the signal from the mike through the mixer to the Console Window of the Cakewalk application. As you develop  your mix there is  a continual  route on to mixdown files which can be  burned to CD if you wish.

Routing Signal Flow Chart

    Record your settings  and comments as to qualities and problems on paper, or, a checklist  as you work for optimum quality, signal strength, output, and precision of recording.